About Me

Hey!  I’m a brand new blogger.  In days past, I’ve been a career Christian singer, a CEO, a speaker/trainer, and now I own my own marketing consulting practice and do some audio/video production on the side.  I am the author of Strong Songwriting (an easy to read “how-to” on the art of writing memorable songs).

The reason for this blog is to give me practice at writing and an avenue of expression for my ideas.

My wife and I have 7 children and all but two of them have moved away and gotten married or started careers.  You might read things on this blog about almost anything, including habits, motivation, spiritual matters, parenting, to marketing.   I’m working on a new book with a working title, The Power of the Small Decision.  Sign up on my list and I’ll send you the first chapter as soon as it’s done.  (I won’t pepper you with emails, I promise.)

Hope you enjoy the ride.